Complete Lighting Control Solution that Deploys in Minutes

Instant Network Creation

Mesh networking technology provides robust, secure, real-time connectivity out of the box. Our MeshSmart node connects to the gateway and creates a network with no need for IT support.

Your network is created on-the-fly as nodes are added. MeshSmart nodes do not use cellular data so there is no network vulnerability or additional data bills. End-to-end solution adds security and reliability for demanding industrial applications, including remote areas without access to traditional data coverage.

Scalable and Flexible Hosting Infrastructure

MeshSmart hosting infrastructure simplifies deployment for projects of all sizes. With analytics, and interactive dashboards in the cloud or hosted on premise, MeshSmart provides options for customers in all scopes of size and security requirements.

Whether you choose cloud or on-premise you never have to deploy or maintain servers, storage, and software. MeshSmart infrastructure is always up to date, with new features released over the air.

Utility Grade Energy Monitoring

Built into every MeshSmart node is a utility grade energy monitor. Measure per-pole energy usage and detect and correct problems with fixtures instantly. View your entire lighting environment from individual fixture, groups, and an aggregate view.

Harness Analytics to Improve Efficiency

Data can be aggregated from single sites up to hundreds of remote site locations. No matter how many endpoint nodes, MeshSmart advanced analytics and alerting engine provide deep visibility and insights into operations no matter where you are. Empowering users to gain deep insight and real-time data to improve efficiency.